Under Pressure – Avoiding Summertime Overheating

Is your vehicle overheating? While radiator leaks tend to happen most in the hot summer months, for anyone driving, a breakdown can occur when you least expect it. No one wants to be stranded because of a leak they didn’t have looked at. That’s why it will benefit you to have a specialist take a look. You want your vehicle to run properly and you want to protect your investment. You should have your radiator checked regularly. To avoid radiator problems, consider the following tips and have your radiator checked by Advanced Automotive Diagnostic and Repair.

If You Need A Radiator Replacement

Chances are some drivers may not get regular tune-ups. Tune-ups are vital to have the coolant flushed. If coolant has soured, it becomes corrosive and the acid will eat at the body of the radiator and cause leaks. Seeing symptoms of this? Book a radiator check here…

Signs Your Radiator is Leaking

When the engine is working properly, the radiator dispels heat away from the engine to help stop the engine from overheating. Problems can occur if you have a leaky radiator, if the radiator cap isn’t on tightly, if you have a leak in a radiator hose, or if your thermostat is broken and needs to be replaced.

Leaking Fluid on the Ground

There are a few obvious signs that a radiator is leaking. Radiators are made to distribute heat exchange in an even flow to cool the engine with radiator fluid. If you see fluid on the ground, you may have a leak. The fluid may be fluorescent green. It’s also possible that the leak came from another vehicle- like if you check while you’re in a public parking lot. Just drive a little longer, stop and turn the vehicle off. Radiator fluid is toxic, so don’t stick your hand under the vehicle. Just wait to see if fluid drips onto the ground.

Rising Temperature Gauge

Another way to tell that you have a radiator problem is if you turn the engine on and the vehicle starts to overheat right away. If you add coolant and it’s still running hot, there may be a leak. You may even see fluid dripping or running out. This is an overheating problem that needs to be addressed immediately. For immediate service, contact Advanced Automotive Diagnostics and Repair today for an appointment at (317) 215-4049.

Hoses and Radiator Clamps

Another sign to look for is rust. Vehicles will have their fair share of wear and tear, but rust can be very destructive. You can check your hoses and clamps for any visual signs of rust or discolorations and let your mechanic know.

Getting Routine Radiator Summer Maintenance

When you need a radiator refill, you can stop in and have your cooling system checked at your convenience. Ideally, right before the weather gets hot, you should you’re your radiator checked so you won’t have any immediate problems. You can look at this as your routine summer maintenance to have performed every year. A technician can also confirm that your water pump is running correctly and look for any other areas to avoid preventable auto repair expenses.

Advanced Automotive Diagnostics and Repair

To set up your appointment for radiator summer maintenance or help with a radiator leak, call or stop in at Advanced Automotive Diagnostics and Repair. Located at 499 Park 800 Drive in Greenwood, IN, we are conveniently right off US-31 and can help with your engine cooling system. Our automobile technicians are licensed, highly trained, knowledgeable and friendly. They can help with any radiator questions you have. Call to set up an appointment now at (317) 215-4049 or book an appointment here.

Don’t let your radiator leak get worse. Schedule your appointment today!