Summertime AC Tips – Maximize Use

As the temperatures rise, so too does the desire to get behind the wheel and hit the open road. Indeed, it should be no surprise that that impulse always corresponds with a steep spike in gas prices. As such, if you want to join the throngs on the road, while staying cool and lowering your fuel costs, here are some excellent summertime AC tips designed to help you maximize the use of your automotive AC unit. You don’t need to suffer in a hot car all summer when you can maximize the use of your automotive AC without breaking the bank.

Should You Freshen the Air or Re-circulate?

When the temperatures start to crest in the hot months, it is always tempting to turn your automotive AC on in June and just leave it pegged there until the beginning of autumn. One of the features found on most automotive climate control system is known as the “recirculation” button. Often resembling a “u-turn” sign or a horse shoe with an arrow, the function of this button is too allow and stop fresh air from entering the vehicle’s cabin.

While it may seem a no brainer that you want fresh air into your sweltering car interior, the reality is that you would wish to select the re-circulated option instead. That is because when you allow fresh air in during the hot summer months, your vehicle’s AC system must work harder to cool down the 90 -degree+ heat that will be drawn into your passenger compartment. By comparison, if you re-circulate the air in the passenger compartment, the reused air will only heat up so much making it easier for your automotive AC unit to keep the air cool inside your vehicle.

As such, the most efficient way to cool off your car’s interior this summer is to re-circulate the already cooler air in your passenger cabin rather than fighting an uphill battle of continuously trying to cool off each blast of hot air entering your passenger space.

Replace with Clean Cabin Filters

Just like the vacuum that won’t pick up your dog’s hair off the carpet, if the cabin filter on your vehicle is clogged with outside debris, it can severely hamper the amount of air your automotive AC unit can pump out into your car’s interior. Typically found in any number of places, but generally located under the hood and near the HVAC unit, the cabin filter is designed to block roadside trash, leaves, and dirt from entering your HVAC ducts. Always start your summer road trip with a quick inspection to make sure that your automotive AC unit won’t have to work overtime just to keep you cool and comfortable all summer long.

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