EV & Hybrid Vehicle Service

Why rely on guesswork or estimates to tell you what is wrong with your vehicle? A check engine light means your hybrid vehicle has a serious problem that needs to be taken care of right away. With a diagnostic computer check, you will know within minutes, if your car needs a tune- up or a major overhaul.

Hybrid vehicle systems are complex and complicated. Only qualified ASE experts can truly service and repair vehicles that requires special handling. All mechanics are good, but hybrid mechanics are better. We fix issues other shops cannot or will attempt. We find and fix the problems, and save our customers money and time.

Issues We Service and Repair

Dealerships charge twice as much for parts and repairs. Your vehicle may be experiencing any number of problems, which can affect the electrical components, sensors and other sensitive parts. We specialize in repairing a number of hybrid issues. Our hybrid service, include extensive knowledge of hybrid systems and we can inspect, repair, and perform minor and major repairs, such as:

Battery Packs

Bad packs send out a code that needs to be deciphered correctly.

Power Generator

Failing generator can affect the entire electrical system.

Electric Motors

Needs a trained specialist care to properly diagnose and repair.

Power Inverters

Require specific manufacturer scan tool to pinpoint exact problems.

High Voltage Cables

Damaged cables can cause fire, damage and even electrocution if they are not properly repaired.

HVAC System

Improperly cooled battery packs deliver diminished milage and decreased lifespan.

Experience, Expertise & Excellence in Customer Service

Consider the cost of parts, and the high cost of installation. However, the biggest expense associated with hybrid repairs, is paying to correct someone else’s mistake. When you bring your vehicle to us, we fix it right the first time. We provide the best hybrid service on all makes and models. When a service light comes on, and issues occur, come see us. It pays to get a second opinion, but it cost less to get a job done right.

In addition to providing professional repair and service for your EV or hybrid vehicles AAD&R now provides parking and charging for your EV. So stop in for a charge and find out more about service options for you vehicle!