Electrical System Services

Automotive electrical problems occur when one or more components fail, wires overheat, gets corroded or creates a spark. Any excessive amount of heat can trigger a negative reaction from other parts, and can result in your vehicle catching on fire. As new cars are manufactured, the complexity of the electrical systems becoming more complex. Older diagnostic systems are not adequate in determining the true nature of newer vehicle problems.

The most frightening and horrifying experience a car owner can encounter is a car on fire. When automotive electrical problems occur, many components under the hood may suffer some type of damage. The battery and charging systems might be seriously impacted, creating major issues for other electrical components.

Professional Electrical Services Explained

With this concept in mind, it pays to take your vehicle to a shop that is experienced in repairing automotive electrical and electronic systems. Electrical components must be installed correctly with the correct amp, or voltage, or your vehicle’s entire electrical system could be irreversibly damaged. Our expert technicians are trained and skilled in all areas of electrical diagnostics and repair. Our services include repairing:

Battery and Charging Systems

A battery is the life of the vehicle. It powers the other components.

Computer Systems

Once this system short circuit, other circuits experience major issues.

Starters & Alternators

These items run off electrical power and can easily short out causing major concerns

Lighting Systems

Lighting systems are wired into special compartments and placed in secure locations.

Electronic Components

Most features are connected to a complex electrical system that requires expert repair.

Power Accessories

Many accessories have separate electrical fuses and boxes that may not interfere with other parts of the vehicle’s electrical system.

Sensitive Instruments Require Special Care

When your vehicle is in failure mode, you want to take it a shop with the experience and expertise to get it back to its original condition. The stability of your vehicle’s electrical system depends on the knowledge and training of the people you trust. Stop by, or give us a call, we are here to help.